Shanghai International Sourcing Center

Zhong Jiang Road / Yun Ling East Road, Putuo District, Shanghai


Shanghai International Sourcing Center is build with two International tower,17 storey and 20 storey respectively, has an area of over 50000 sqm; single typical floor is 1380sqm,with the height of 4.2m (Net Ceiling is approx 2.85m) and raised floor of 100mm. equipped with 11 imported Mitsubishi VF elevators. Holding the Eco-Friendly concept, it will enhance the efficiency of operations. The two Sourcing Towers will attract a large number of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises associated with multinational procurement by the advantage of excellent location, property quality, advanced intellectualized system and green building system.


Property features

Total Office Area:                           Approx. 50,000 sq.m.(Gross area)
Typical Floor Plate:   Approx. 1,440 sq.m.(Gross area)
Estimated Completion:   Q1 2014
Number of Office Floors:    2-17F (building 2); 2-20F (building 3) 


Sole Agent