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Raffles City

People’s Square,Shanghai

Raffles City is CapitaLand’s debut of retail project in Shanghai back in early 2000. Located next to People’s Square, bounded by Fuzhou Road and Xizhang Road, the mall is 45,000 sq m of retail floor space and 8 stories in total.
Savills was appointed in 2002 to provide advices on the optimal merchandise mix, taking account into the market trend and the rental income. Savills was later also appointed as the sole leasing agent of the mall, assist Capitaland to complete the leasing of their most prominent property development in China.
Opened in November, 2003, Raffles City is now not only the most trendy and popular shopping destination in People’s Square area but also it is one of the developer’s most successful and significant development in China.



Hopson International Center

Wujiaochang area,Shanghai

Hopson International Center, developed by Hopson Group, resides in Wujiaochang, the retail core center of Yangpu District. The project is currently under leasing.
The project is a mixed-use project, integrating five-star hotel (HYATT GROUP), Grade A office and shopping mall in all. Along with its superior locale, Hopson International Center is deemed to become one of the landmark projects in Yangpu District and as well as in Shanghai. The retail portion of the project extends from B2 to L5, a total of 160,000 sq m retail floor area in total. With a mid-high retail positioning, Hopson International Center is expected to become the iconic retail project in Wujiaochang area.
Savills was appointed as the sole retail consultant since at the beginning of 2008, providing retail positioning strategy and design consultancy service for the project, and later working along with the well known American design company, Callison, to optimize the retail design for the mall at its best use. Savills was then appointed as the sole leasing agent for Hopson International Center and the mall is anticipated to be opened by end of 2015.



Kerry Parkside

Pudong District,Shanghai

Kerry Parkside, developed by Kerry Properties Group, enjoys a superior locale as it is right at the core section of Shanghai National International Exhibition Center (SNIEC) area in Pudong District, with seamless connection with both SNIEC and Metro Line 7. It is a mixed-use project, a combination of five-star hotel (Kerry Hotel), Grade A office, service apartment and shopping mall.
From B1 to L2, the mall, a total of 45,000 sq m, is positioned as a mid-high end retail destination. Kerry Parkside hosted the soft opening in July, 2011.
Assigned by the Kerry Group in December, 2008, Savills provided positioning strategy and design consulting service for the retail part of the project, as well as the sole leasing agent, and assist Kerry to successfully launch the project in the market. Kerry Parkside has become a retail landmark in Shanghai since its opening.



Jing’an Kerry Center

Jing’an Temple area,Shanghai

Jing’an Kerry Cneter is another retail development by Kerry Properties Group, following the debut of Kerry Parside in Pudong. Well located at the heart of Jing’an Temple area and with direct access to Metro Line 2 and Line 7, this mixed-use project integrates a five-start hotel (Shangri La), a grade A office, a service apartment and a shopping mall.
Retail floors, from B2 to L4, with a total of 84,000 sq m in size, making it the largest single retail building along West Nanjing Road at times, and hosted a cluster of international and well known affordable luxury brands.
Savills engaged in the market research and sole leasing agency agreement with Kerry Group in December, 2010. The first Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store in China was successfully introduced into the project by Savills.



Shanghai Center

Pudong District,Shanghai

Shanghai Center, developed by Lujiazui Group and Shanghai Chengtou, is located at the core section of Lujiazui Area in Pudong with direct connectivity to Metro Line 2. The project is mixed-use development, with a grade A office tower and a shopping mall with retail floor from B2 and L4. The sky lobbies at the office tower is also used for retail. The mall, along with the retail shop on the sky lobby, contributes 60,000 sq m retail area in total.
Savills has provided the positioning strategy, rental projection, consultancy service, etc since the engagement in early 2011. Savills currently is still providing retail management and leasing service to this project.
Shanghai Center is expected to open in the second half of 2015. It will undoubtedly become the tallest building in Shanghai and a new landmark in Shanghai.



Shanghai International Financial Center, IFC

Pudong District,Shanghai

IFC is the first mixed-use project developed by Sun Hung Kai Group in Shanghai. The project benefits from its great location at the heart of Lujiazui area in Pudong, with direct connectivity to Metro Line 2. Opened in 2010 Q1, IFC integrated grade A office, hotel, high-end service residence as well as the shopping mall together.
In 2004, with a service period of 2 years, Sung Hung Kai Group appointed Savills for a comprehensive retail market research, an overall project development and positioning strategy as well as the retail positioning strategy in early phase to finalize the optimal retail size and to evaluate the feasibility of its high-end positioning. Nowadays, the IFC has become one of the most popular high-end shopping destinations in Shanghai.



Shanghai iapm

Middle Huaihai Road,Shanghai

Shanghai iapm is another mixed-use project developed by Sun Hung Kai Group. The project is well located at the junction of Middle Huaihai Road and South Shangxi Road in Puxi, with direct connectivity to Metro Line 1 and Line 10. Grade A office, high-end residential and retail function are all integrated in the project. In mid-2013, Shanghai iapm began its soft opening of the mall.
Wandu and Sun Hung Kai Group appointed Savills in 2003 as the retail consultant and giving suggestion on retail positioning, project feasibility and proposed theme. After one and half year of service period, Savills assisted the developer to confirm the scale of the retail and the targeted retail positioning. Shanghai iapm has significantly enhanced the retail atmosphere in west Middle Huaihai Road area since its opening.



The Dazhongli

West Nanjing Road,Shanghai

The Dazhongli project in Shanghai is jointly developed by HKR International Ltd and Swire Properties Ltd. They both has a equal 50% interest in the project.
The project is bounded on the north by Nanjing West Road, on the west by Shimenyi Road (across the Four Seasons Hotel), on the south by Weihai Road, and on the east by Qinghai Road (across the Shanghai TV Building). The Dazhongli project comprises two super Grade-A office towers (168,000 square metres), three luxury hotels/serviced apartments (56,000 square metres) and a prime retail mall (99,000 square metres).
The Dazhongli project has access to superior transportation infrastructure, with direct access to Metro 2 and Line 13(under construction) and metro line 13 is in proximity. Dazhongli is currently under the leasing preparation stage, and the mall is anticipated to be opened in early 2017.
Savills was appointed by the developers in mid-2014 as the principal agent to provide the pre-leasing marketing and agency service for the retail part of the project.



Hangzhou Mixc


Hangzhou Mixc is the first mixed-use development by China Resources Company (CRC) and Sun Hung Kai Real Estate (Hangzhou) Development Co., Ltd. The project, located at the heart of Qianjian New City, enjoys direct connectivity to Metro Line 2 and Line 4 (under planning) at the basement level. The project consists of a shopping mall (a total of 180,000 sq m in size), grade A office, service apartment and high-end residential. The mall has been performed well since its opening in 2010, and it is also the first large scale integrated shopping mall development in Hangzhou.
Savills Shanghai, engaged into the project since 2006, and provided market research, positioning strategy, leasing strategy consultancy as well as acting as the sole leasing agent role. During the 4 years of service engagement, Savills has helped CRC to determine the market positioning and executing the leasing of the mall. Savills has also assisted CRC to set the foundation of the MIXC brand strategic development in China.



Awesome Plaza

Crossing of Anli Road & Hongjunying South Street,Chaoyang district, Beijing

Awesome Plaza is positioned as the trendy shopping life plaza in the northern area of Beijing. Located in the heart of A-O commercial area, the development comprises over 110,000 square metres of GFA. Awesome Plaza will become not only the shopping mall in conventional sense, but also the leisure place to relax and hangout with families and friends. The project is expected to officially open in 2019




5 Lido Garden Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

The OFC is committed to becoming the place for cultural and artistic exchanges in Lido and even the whole Beijing area. Located in the heart of Lido commercial area, the development comprises over 100,000 square metres of GFA. The project combines six major functions of catering, shopping, entertainment, leisure, business, and arts, which perfectly integrates the essense of international commerce, and becomes the top choice to experience modern shopping style.



Carrefour Siyuan Plaza

Northwest to Ikea Siyuanqiao Store, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Carrefour Siyuanqiao project: Located in Siyuanqiao of Chaoyang district with retail GFA of 50,000sqm, this project boasts as the first environmental friendly high-end shopping mall by Carrefour group. Inspired by nature aspects, Siyuan Plaza is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle mall. Designed for families and friends, this place will provide a full range of services for relax and comfort.



Zhong Tie CRCC Plaza

Subway Line 13, Beiyuan Station, Beijing

Located near beiyuan station of subway line 13 with retail GFA of 387,500sqm, CRCC Plaza comprises six comprehensive high-rise commerical and residential buildings (phase I), one office buiding (phase II) as well as a grand shopping mall of 1000,000sqm. Interconnected with beiyuan station, also adjacent to line 17 scheduled to open to the public in 2017, this project is bound to become the most prominent transportant - hub complext in the northern part of beijing.



Tianjin Vantone Center

Crossing of Dagu North Road & Xuzhou Avenue,Tianjin

The Vantone Center is positioned as the first social business complex in Tianjin. Located in the heart of Xiaobailou commercial area, the whole development comprises over 94,000 square metres of GFA. The project owns the best city resources. With the concept of "high-end business people's meeting and living room", the four-storey commercial support will build a broad platform for cultural exchanges among business elites.



Tianjin Galaxy International Mall

Youyi Road, Hexi district, Tianjin

The Galaxy International Mall is destined to redefine luxury retailing in Tianjin and along with surrounding cultural sites has served as Tianjin’s preeminent destination for shopping, leisure and entertainment.
With retail GFA of 230,000sqm, Tianjin galaxy shopping mall is a key commerical project invested and developed by tianjin goverment; it is hign-end comprehensive shopping mall boasting a high-end luxury brands mix characteristic of fashion, cretivity and taste. As a provider of consultancy service, design consultancy and principal leasing service, we have won the full recognition from the landlord.



Guangzhou Taikoohui


As the first retail development by Swire Properties in China, Guangzhou Taikoohui, with a total retail space of 125,000 sq m, is well located at the intersection of Tianhe Road and East Tianhe Road in Guangzhou. Since its opening in September 2011, Taikoohui has been the retail landmark project not only in Guangzhou but also in the whole Hua nan area of China.
Savills was appointed by Swire in 2008 to provide retail consultancy and sole agency service for the project. Taikoohui has been developed as the most luxury shopping destination in Guangzhou. International brands such as LV, Prada, Hermes and semi-anchor tenants such as Ole Supermarket and Marks&Spencer had been introduced to the mall successfully by Savills global resource and network.



Ping An Finance Center


With a total GFA of 500,000 sq.m, Ping An Finance Centre is a multifunctional commercial complex by integrating with fashion, culture, business, entertainment and catering. Located in Shenzhen Futian CBD, Ping An Finance Centre also connected to Shenzhen Metro Line 1, Line 4 and Futian Railway Station, the largest underground high-speed railway station in Asia.
With 600 meters height and 118 floors, the PAFC is the second tallest building in China. It is comprised of Grade A office building, Park Hyatt hotel, bird’s-eye sightseeing floor and mid-high end shopping center. Regarding to PAFC Mall, it aims to become the best shopping destination for elite group by providing extraordinary shopping experiences and services.
Savills was appointed as the Exclusive Retail Agency for PAFC Mall by Ping An Real Estate in 2015.



Di Wang Shopping Center


As one of the earliest symbolic buildings in Shenzhen, Di Wang building is composed of Grade A office building, commercial apartment and shopping center. The total volume of the shopping mall is about 25,000 square meters. The property located in junction of shennan donglu, jiefang road and baoan south road also connected to Shenzhen Metro Line 1 and Line 2 as well as closed The MIXC.
The tower, 383.95 meters high, is the first steel structure high-rise in China and is ranked the fourth tallest building in Shenzhen. Completed in 1996, it has created the history of Shenzhen at an alarming rate. It not only carries the honor and dreams of the whole city, but also records the development history of Shenzhen. The commercial part of the project has five floors, and is dedicated to creating a boutique supporting shopping center in the business circle of Caiwuwei.
Savills was appointed by the HKC group in 2016. The Property Management and the Retail jointly provided the project consultant and the exclusive investment agent service for the project.



Chengdu MIXC

No. 8, Shuangqing Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu

Strategically located at the commercial zone of East Second Ring Road, Chengdu MIXC comes to be the forth one of China Resources' projects in China (followed by Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shenyang) with a total GFA of 317,600 sq.m . The MIXC Phase I opened in May 2012 comprising one Grade A office tower and MIXC shopping mall with a total retail GFA of 244,000 sq m anchored with Apple Store (first in southwest China), Ole' Supermarket,Broadway cinema, ice rink, retail and F&B shops, Chengdu MIXC is providing one-stop service for Chengdu customers. Savills was appointed by China Resource Group to provide retail consultancy & principal agency service for the project since 2014.



Chengdu Paradise Walk (Jin Nan)

Jinyang Road/Jingji North Road, Wuhou, Chengdu

Chengdu Longfor Paradise Walk Jinnan is set to become the most prime mixed-use project in western Chengdu. Located in the heart of Shuangnan District, the development comprises over 470,000 sq.m of total GFA incorporating one shopping mall, business streets, residence, hotel & SOHO towers. Retail GFA is 230,000 sq.m. Business streets and the residence will be handed over by the end of 2014. Shopping mall is planning to be opened in October, 2015.



Shin Kong Place Chongqing

Intersection of Hongjin Road & Jiashou road, Yubei District, Chongqing

Located in the core business district of Jiazhou trade zone, Shin Kong Place Chongqing is a new landmark project developed by Shin Kong Mitsukoshi group in Chongqing with a total retail GFA of 250,000 sq m. Positioned to be the most high-end shopping center at upper side of Yantze River, Shin Kong Place Chongqing is projected to open in late 2016. Savills was appointed by Shin Kong Mitsukoshi group to provide sole agency & retail consultancy service for the project since 2014.



Chongqing Paradise Walk(Northern City)

8 paradise walk, Jiangbei, Chongqing

Chongqing Longfor Paradise Walk (Northern City) is one of the largest Chongqing landmark buildings. Located in Guangyin Qiao trade zone comprises 140,000 sq.m of retail GFA. Paradise Walk (Northern City) has many famous brands like UME Cinema; Fast Fashion brands H&M, UNIQLO, ZARA (Opening Soon) etc; Savills Tenant Rep. Apple Store (First store in Chongqing).



Chongqing Times Paradise Walk

38 Daping Street, Yuzhong, Chongqing

Chongqing Longfor Times Paradise Walk is a mix used project, located in Daping Trade Zone comprises 1,200,000 sq.m of total GFA incorporating one shopping mall, two Grade-A office towers, SOHO towers & apartments. Retail GFA is over 600,000 sq.m. Retail constructions divided into 4 phases, Phase I opened in 20th-December, 2012; Phase II will be opened in 20th-December 2014; Phase III is planning to open in 2015 and Phrase IV's opening date needs to be confirmed. Times Paradise Walk will become a destination shopping center including children experience center, life-style bookstore in Phase II .



Chongqing Mix'C

55 Xie Jia Wan Street, Jiulongpo, Chongqing

Chongqing Mix'C is set to a prime mixed-use project as a landmark in Yangjiaping. This comprehensive development comprises includes about 1,000,000 sq.m of total GFA. Retail GFA is 350,000 sq.m. This project is incorporating Mix'C shopping mall, two Grade-A office towers, one five star hotel, one SOHO tower and residence. Retail GFA is 350,000 sq.m. Mix'C opened with many new coming brands like PALACE cinema, Fast Fashion Brands like Monki,COS etc in 19th-September,2014.



Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD Project


Located in Wangjiadun CBD area, the major area development by the Wuhan government in recent years, the project is invested by Wangjiadun CBD Investment & Development Co., Ltd.
Savills has been appointed by the developer for a series of retail development in the area, which includes Oceanwide City Square Phase 1, 2 & 3, SOHO, Wuhan Center and Wuhan plot 1415 project, a total of 1 million sq m retail area, for retail positioning and consultancy services.



Taiyuan Huayu La Floret

Xuefu Street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan

Taiyuan La Floret: As a one-stop high end international shopping mall, the La Floret offers a complete service of shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment. The shopping mall will comprise international luxuries, top fashion brands, high end supermarket, international F&B brands, ice-skating field, IMAX Cineplex etc, which makes it an ideal destination for customers' enjoyment and relaxation.



CDF Mall


Based on offshore duty-free policy, CDF Mall developed by CDF group is the biggest offshore duty free shopping mall in China. Offically opened in Septmeber 1, it occupies an area of 70,000sqm (retail) compete with duty free(35,000sqm) and non duty free service (35,000sqm). As a provider of market survey, marketing serivce, and luxury positioning consultancy serivce, Savills Beijing is also responsible for luxury brand leasing consultancy for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana.