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Savills China Research Department is the backbone of Savills’ operations in China. By compiling much needed knowledge and support for our agency departments, Savills Research provides the leading edge needed in China’s increasingly competitive real estate market.

On an ongoing basis we monitor a multitude of aspects within the various sectors of the property market. By compiling premium quality data, we enable ourselves and our clients to gain useful insights into China’s market dynamics.

In addition to our supporting role, the team produces regular publications for Savills’ clients and the general public, tracking the movements of each property sector in terms of rent, occupancy, supply, demand, investment and government policy.

Many people ask about the situation in China, whether in reference to the economy or the property market, and expect a one word response. China, however, is not just one market but thousands of markets and they are constantly evolving in very different ways, with national trends and government policies being mere threads that hold them all together.

Many people also ask if there are still opportunities in China’s property market, some respond that prices are too high, competition too fierce and that the opportunity to make money has passed. Veteran investors, on the other hand, are aware that there are always opportunities in a country that is still developing and has yet to reach its full potential. These opportunities are a consequence of China’s diverse geography, climate, culture, and economy, and they only become apparent if you dig a little bit deeper.

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China & Eastern China Research Contact
James Macdonald

Head of Research
Savills China


Northern China Research Contact
Jack Xiong

Head of Project & Development Consultancy
Savills Beijing


Western China Research Contact
Dahuang Chen

Associate Director of Research
Savills Western China


Southern China Research Contact
Carlby Xie

Director, Head of Research
Savills Southern China


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