Strategic Planning Consultancy

The China hotels are flourished in the recent years. Many international branded operators aim to gain deeper understanding of the local market so its China Strategy could be well-implemented. On the other side, the Chinese hotel owners are trying to develop its own hotel brands. Savills Hotels team holds deep understanding of the China Hotel Market, the team could assist client to develop any strategic and development plans in any economic cycles.

The Savills Hotels team consists of well-experienced individuals with strong understanding of international hospitality practices to assist hotel operators to enter the Greater China market successfully. The team also equipped with local “know-how” as to assist developers to build the hotel which fulfils the international brand standard and high service quality.


Our Services

  • Brand analysis
  • Market Study
  • Business Plan Development and Audit
  • Forecasts
  • Development of the Marketing Plan
  • Development Strategy Planning
  • The establishment of the hotel management company platform

Key contacts

Annie Wang

Annie Wang



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