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Savills Officially Settled in Fuzhou, Opening the “Twin-Engine” Age of Fujian

On July 19, the opening ceremony of Savills Fuzhou, a world-leading British real estate adviser, was held at Crowne Plaza Fuzhou Riverside.      


The opening signifies the 18th subsidiary of Savills officially setting sail in China, indicating the company’s activation of its dual presence in Fujian after the establishment of Xiamen office. In the future, Savills will take further root in Fujian and cover the core urban agglomeration on Western Taiwan Strait Economic Zone, and strive to deeply integrate into the urban construction and economic development of Fujian with professional real estate services.

Mr. Chen Qi, Director of European Division, Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, Mr. He Bao, Deputy Mayor of People’s Government of Taijiang District, Fuzhou Municipality, Liberty Timewell, Deputy Consul General of British Consulate-General Guangzhou, Robert McKellar, Executive Chairman of Savills Asia Pacific, senior leaders of Savills, nearly 100 clients and more than 30 heavyweight media were present in Fujian to witness this exciting moment.


The Activation of Fuzhou – Five-Zone Integration

As the capital of Fujian province, Fuzhou is not only the political, cultural and transportation centre but also part of the Maritime Silk Road and one of the three Free Trade Zones in Fujian Province. In recent years, Fuzhou has seen the advantages of significant policies and opportunities for future development. Located in Minjiang Estuary Golden Triangle Economic Circle, Fuzhou is the only development zone in China that integrates five areas: a state-level new area, the Free Trade Zone, the Maritime Silk Road core area, an eco-civilisation demonstration area and the cross-strait economic cooperation demonstration zone. In the future, policy integration will provide strong support and great development for Fuzhou.

Being the capital city, with the advantages of traffic, location and policy, Fuzhou is actively following the blueprint for future development and using the cities’ advantages for further improvement. Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, Fuzhou is reaping the benefits of the construction of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road core area, the Free Trade Zone and central government's support, building three major hubs for transportation, economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges. Additionally, Fuzhou has made great efforts to develop as a strategic hub city of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, which links with ASEAN countries, connects with Taiwan and reaches inland. The city strives to build Fuzhou new district and accelerate the construction of the Minjiang Estuary Golden Triangle Economic Circle, thus creating a new chapter of development.

Mr. He Bao, Deputy Mayor of People’s Government of Taijiang District, Fuzhou Municipality placed great expectations on the opening of Savills Fuzhou: “With the strong support from the State Council, Western Taiwan Strait Economic Zone will become the essential economic zone and new engine for Chinese economic development after Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Sea Economic Zone. As the capital city of Fujian province, Fuzhou has attracted an increasing number of high-quality companies. Furthermore, in Straits Financial and Business Zone of Taijiang District and Minjiang North Shore Central Business Centre, there are many high-end office buildings which attract top talent and services. The government of Taijiang District is trying their best to estate a modern service industry zone that provides a good business environment, further assisting Savills in accomplishing great achievements. We sincerely hope Savills will develop strongly in Fuzhou and Fujian Province, and contribute to the economic development of Fujian.”

Ms. Liberty Timewell, Deputy Consul General of British Consulate-General, praised Savills for its efforts to enhance communication between Fujian and Britain: “Savills will be a valuable partner to help Chinese companies expand both at home and abroad. Savills can help Fuzhou clients by providing services in China, assisting in investing in the UK or seeking global business opportunities with British companies; Britain will continue to build a successful partnership with China in the future.”


A Venerated British Corporation Lands at Fujian - Everything is Ready

Since its establishment 164 years ago, Savills has set up more than 650 offices and affiliates in over 60 countries worldwide, providing comprehensive consultancy, property and asset management and transaction advisory services, and is recognised as a market leader. Since entering the China market in 1995, Savills has kept up with the pulse of the times and has taken the lead in the industry with rapid development momentum and entrepreneurial spirit to pursue innovation and breakthrough the norm.

In 2008, Savills expanded its business to Xiamen and provided professional and high-quality services for many local commercial real estate projects, winning customers' trust and establishing a good market reputation. Today, by laying the solid foundation in Fujian from the Xiamen office, Savills strives to develop the Fuzhou real estate market and spares no effort to integrate international professional perspectives and resources to provide customers with one-stop, comprehensive real estate solutions including pro-phase planning, investment promotion, valuation, commercial, retail as well as property and asset management and others.

Robert McKellar, Executive Chairman of Savills Asia Pacific, spoke highly of the entry into the Fuzhou market: “Fuzhou is a very dynamic city with huge potential for further growth, and has now become an important node in the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Fuzhou represents Savills 18th office in China and demonstrates our belief in the long-term success of China. Savills is committed to increasing the size of our business in Fuzhou and will ensure that the full range of our property services are made available to local and international companies alike.”

Woody Lam, Managing Director of Savills Southern China, expressed his full confidence in the future development of Savills Fuzhou: “Fujian owns multiple development opportunities such as the Free Trade Zone and the Maritime Silk Road core area, and has huge development potential. It is also the key area of Savills Southern China in its “twin-engine” strategy. As early as 2008, Savills Southern China has been in Fujian and located in Xiamen. As Savills celebrates its ten-year anniversary in Fujian, the establishment of Fuzhou office shows our determination for this market. We believe the Fuzhou team will consolidate Savills existing advantages in Fujian, explore greater value for clients by providing all-around and professional real estate services and accelerate our strategic development in Fujian.”

Lucy Lui, General Manager of Savills Fujian, said at the opening ceremony: “The establishment of Fuzhou office indicates that Savills will further develop our professional team and business in Fujian. In the future, we will integrate international professional perspectives and resources to provide more comprehensive and professional real estate services, create value for customers in the rapidly changing market and release new energy for the development of Fujian.”


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