2019 China 20 Retail Cities

2019 China 20 Retail CIties

China is the second-largest retail market in the world. Global retailers are going to need to pay much more attention to the changes in consumption patterns and innovations that are originating in China. The market will likely become even more competitive as domestic brands continue to grow and mature and learn from overseas experiences before bringing back their new retail know-how and combining it with their innate China knowledge.

Noise and mixed signals
Mixed performance indicators are found everywhere in the current market; can they be explained?

20 retail cities
The gap between Shanghai, Beijing and the other 18 cities is narrowing

As more brands see their omnichannel platforms evolve, retailers are going to need to take a harder look at their brick-and-mortar stores.

New Demand
Future growth will increasingly come from more novel and innovative brands and those that target particular segments of society.

Tourism retail
Tourism retail has been less impacted by the growth of e-commerce, and is just starting to find its feet.

Overseas opportunities
Chinese retailers are looking to explore new markets overseas, both developed and emerging.

The retail market is returning to business fundamentals, with consumers and products the defining lynchpin of success.