Property and Asset Management Services Platform-Savills MDI

The MDI Platform is a new real estate property management integration mobile service platform developed by Savills for the future real estate services and market trend. It is based on the concept of Intelligent Technologies, Digital Tools and Green & Efficient Business Philosophy. The platform aims to help real estate corporate clients through global business capability, therefore enables them to improve their customer experience, continuously maintain their leading position and competitiveness of the industry, and provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of the whole industry.

The MDI Platform builds different business ecosystems that mainly consists of real estate developers, property management service providers and tenants. Effective and efficient business services could be guaranteed by professionalization, standardization, online base, digitization, visualization, real-time transformation and mobility.

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Property and Asset Management Services

Property and Asset Management Services Scope

Savills differentiates itself by delivering comprehensive and creative management strategy to balance short term investment returns and medium to long term asset appreciation. Maintaining a high level asset strategy is the key to our mutual success and also the art of property and asset management. Accordingly, we work hand-in-hand with our investment team to optimize your asset disposal strategy and to further develop your acquisition plans for additions to your portfolio.