Our Community Work

Our people are committed to being actively involved in their communities, supporting local initiatives, charities and community-related activities.

As well as delivering social benefits, we believe that greater community engagement increases employee commitment and provides real-life development opportunities. This ethos is an integral part of our award-winning graduate training scheme, which supports YoungMinds, working to prevent mental illness and to care for those with a mental health problem.

In addition, our local offices provide support to worthwhile causes in their communities, from school and charity events to independent theatres and arts fairs.

Savills "Little Yellow Star" Program

Savills has been dedicated to public welfare for over 20 years as it has expanded across China. In 2017, Savills China officially launched the “Little Yellow Star” program to call on more people to care and provide for disadvantaged groups with a variety of training programs. By helping more little yellow stars shine, we hope to pass on our love and reach out to more in need.